Construction Accident Attorney In Buffalo, NY

construction site accident

Worker's Compensation Can Be Confusing

If you are working in one of the Nation’s many construction industry trades and are injured, you may not only have a claim for worker’s compensation benefits, but you may be entitled to bring a third-party lawsuit. Most employers carry worker’s compensation insurance and, therefore, when you are injured on a job site, regardless of fault, you should be entitled to receive worker’s compensation benefits. Unfortunately, the worker’s compensation system can be confusing and, therefore, you should contact our office to advise you on how to receive lost wages and medical benefits you may be entitled to through your state’s worker’s compensation system.

Third-Party Suit

Additionally, in many cases, construction accidents will allow you to sue the owner of the construction site, the general contractor, and/or their agents. The specific facts and circumstances of each construction site accident will dictate as to whether or not the law affords you a separate right to sue these individuals. We recommend that you contact our office immediately following any construction site accident so that we may assist you in determining whether or not you have the right to bring a third-party suit.