Holiday Gifts for the Biker In Your Life

By Attorney Christina Gullo

Let’s be honest: gift giving is HARD enough, but even more so when you’re shopping for the bikers in your life. I’m here to take some off the edge off, and to give you some of our firm’s favorite gift ideas for the riders in your life.

Let’s start big: who wouldn’t want to find a new shiny bike with a bow on top? I know I would … but unfortunately, that is not the most accessible gift, so moving on to some more practical ideas.

If you’re like me, there is no better gift than riding apparel. As we all know, the riding lifestyle (and look) is an expensive one. Now is a great time to help your rider refresh their closet with new shirts, shackets, vests and jackets, gloves (leather, heated, even touch screen friendly), and riding socks (I am loving the heated versions). One item that is on my list is a new pair of riding boots. If you’ve seen me around, you know how much I love my white riding boots, which are currently very much in need of an upgrade. One gift that is at the top of my list is the Harley Davidson Lenora boot (pictured below), which will always be in style on and off the bike.

Harley-Davidson Lenora 6 inch Boot for Women in white

Unsure of what size your biker wears? That’s ok, we have you covered. For non-apparel type gifts, check out the LEXIN Smart Tire Pump. This is a super convenient way to keep your tires properly inflated, and also a great item to keep on your saddlebag just in case you have a flat tire on the side of the road (a basic tire patch kit, roadside tool kit, or multi-tools are other invaluable gifts). It also helps you to avoid relying on the air pumps at gas stations while you’re out on the road, which are very commonly “out of order” or can be few and far between on long rides.

If you’re trying to keep your rider safe, we would be remiss not to stress the importance of having the best helmet possible to protect your rider against the worst: which is absolutely a full-face helmet. Consistent with their importance, helmets are not cheap, and also very specific to each rider it terms of size and style. One universal gift to compliment your rider’s helmet is a helmet lock. Helmetlok, a carabiner-style lock with a 4-digit programmable locking mechanism, is designed to lock your helmet to your bike. Helmets are expensive, the last thing we want is our helmet to be stolen or fall of our bike causing it to be ruined by the impact. A helmet lock is an affordable gift that only works for a full-face helmet. This will keep your rider safe by ensuring that they won’t be leaving their helmet unsupervised, or having to lug it around.

Buying gifts for a biker can be very risky, as they are very particular in that they want. So, if you are trying to buy something for the person who has everything, or simply just can’t choose which gift your biker would prefer, rest assured: we even have a solution for that. When in doubt, just remember that you can’t go wrong with purchasing a gift card from your favorite local shop or dealership to show your love while simultaneously supporting local businesses.

Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, the Kantor Gullo Law Firm wishes you a safe and happy off-season.

Stay safe, and stay informed.