By Attorney Steven Kantor

The motorcycle injury attorneys at the Kantor Gullo Law Firm want you to be safe.  We regularly attend biker events and promote defensive riding and motorcycle safety.  Unfortunately, collisions do occur and it is better for you to think about what happens if you are involved in motorcycle crash ahead of time, so that you are prepared should one occur. 

            If you are seriously injured, you must first seek immediate medical attention. Assuming you are coherent and injured but not seriously, you should do the following:

  • Contact law enforcement.  They will document the facts and circumstances surrounding the motorcycle accident in a police report.  This will be helpful to the motorcycle insurance adjuster as well as the legal claims resolution process.
  • Make sure you obtain information from the other vehicle driver involved in the crash.  Get name, address, phone number, license plate number and the other driver’s insurance information and policy number.  This will assist in establishing your claim.
  • If you are able to take photographs of the vehicles involved, these can be used to document the liability as well as the damage to the motorcycle. 
Motorcycle Collision Attorney Steven L. Kantor
Steven Kantor, Esq.

            Even if you do not believe that you sustained serious injuries you should seek medical treatment to be evaluated and create a record of your incident.  This can be done either through a hospital emergency room or urgent care.  Alternatively you can also contact your family physician.  Most individuals involved in a motorcycle crash are adrenalized and that may mask the severity of your injuries.  It is best to seek immediate medical attention and start with your head and move to your toes and complain of each and every individual ache and pain resulting from the incident.  The longer you wait to seek medical treatment the more likely it is that the insurance company will claim that your injuries are not related. 

            It is recommended that you contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who is familiar with handling motorcycle collisions.  Your insurance company will try to limit your financial recovery and there are important deadlines that must be met. The Kantor Gullo Law Firm has been handling these types of claims for over thirty-four years.  During initial contact we will provide you with additional instructions as to how to handle the collision damage to your motorcycle, as well as walk you through the motorcycle accident claims process. 

            Lastly, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident, do not apologize or claim that you are responsible for the incident.  Accident scenes are often complicated and until a full investigation is done by experienced qualified motorcycle accident attorneys not all the facts regarding the incident may come to light. 

            Once again, we hope that you are not involved in a motorcycle collision, but if you are, please contact the Kantor Gullo Law Firm at 716/626-0404, or toll free at 1-877-SKANTOR (752-6867), for a no obligation free consultation.

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