Bike Nights and Other Biker Events Are Back!

By: Christina Gullo

Let’s talk bike nights. What better way to enjoy a beautiful day than to be able to come together at local events to celebrate the biker community. The Kantor Law Firm prides itself on riding with you since 2005. But that does not just mean we are out there on the roads, or in the courtroom fighting for your rights. It means that we are supporting local events and charities that our fellow riders champion.  I first started to attend bike nights in 2013 when I began working for the Kantor Law Firm as a law clerk. Twice a week I would go with Steve and Flyboy to set up tents at the Quaker Steak and Lube and Armor Inn, in addition to annually attending the State H.O.G. Rally. Armed with handfuls of Kantor Koozies, I would walk around and learn about the bikes and the people that the Kantor Law Firm represented. What I superficially understood to be grass roots advertising, soon began to make sense to me. Supporting these events was so much more than merely financially contributing to local restaurants, it was helping to foster a sense of community amongst riders and other likeminded individuals that can often be alienated based on how they dress or what they drive. It was at these events back in 2013, that I quickly learned that our motorcycle community is one of the most diverse and generous group of individuals that I have come to know. Whether it be promoting and protecting the interests of New York state motorcyclists (ABATE), or empowering abused and/or neglected children (B.A.C.A.), I find myself being overcome with gratitude for the lengths that bikers go to support and protect those in our community.

Attorney Christina Gullo, founder Steve Kantor, and law clerk Daylyn Blackman

Fast forward to 2021, supporting local bike nights and attending motorcycle events over the summer has remained one of my favorite parts of working at the Kantor Law Firm. While last summer was disappointing in a number of ways, this year has already kicked off to a great start with a number of great events already underway. There is nothing that I love more than seeing past and current clients, and meeting future friends. 

This year, the Kantor Law Firm proudly supports a variety of local events and charities, including but not limited to: B.A.C.A., ABATE of Western New York, the Food Bank of Western New York, and the Red Knights. This summer, look for us out and about at the Armor Inn, the Garage, the Gowanda Harley Davidson Bike Nights at Steelbound Brewery in Springville, and the Native Pride Rock’n’Blues Bike Nights at Native Pride Travel Plaza.

Stay safe, and stay informed.

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