By: Christina Gullo

As fall approaches, I cannot help but to look back and reflect on what an incredible riding season 2022 was.  

This season, I was fortunate enough to attend a number of incredible local events. In May, I was honored to have the opportunity to kick off Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month with the Orleans Chapter of ABATE, where I was invited to speak about our “Look Before you Left Campaign” (it’s not too late to sign and share!). As the summer continued on, I was able to join and support the BACA 100 Mile Run, make some new friends at Voz Cycle City Bike Nights, pick some winning bikes at the Original Warehouse Bike Nights, and listen so some great music (and eat some incredible food) and the Garage Bike Nights. Being a part of International Female Riding Day hosted by Stilettos on Steel was another event for the books, where I got to meet a bunch of badass ladies who were not only impressive riders, but impressive dressers. While all of these events alone were enough to make this summer a memorable one, becoming a licensed motorcycle rider made this summer one that I will never forget.  

In June, I attended the West Seneca Motorcycle Safety School’s two-day basic rider course. This 2-day course taught me, and several others in my class, motorcycle skills such as straight-line riding, shifting, turning, swerving, riding over uneven surfaces, and stopping. I have to stress that I came into the class with ZERO experience, meaning: I never rode a dirt bike, or even a car with a stick shift. So, to say I was a beginner, was an understatement. Despite my lack of prior experience, and thanks to a few incredible instructors (shoutout to Brandi, Rich, Sue and Gin) who were patient beyond belief, I was able to earn the DMV Road Test Waiver card, which I redeemed for my motorcycle license. I cannot recommend this program enough, and encourage any new rider to enroll, or even experienced riders to check out their other courses that help to refresh and sharpen skills. 

While I have represented injured motorcycle riders for years now, I truly feel that becoming a licensed rider has given me a unique perspective that has already helped me better advocate for my clients. Although this was the primary reason for my getting my motorcycle license, this was quickly surpassed by the incredible feeling of riding (even when I was just out in the MSS parking lot), that soon had me considering what type of bike I should buy. Please send your suggestions my way! Just remember how short I am … 

The 2022 riding season is one that I will never forget, largely because of you all. Thank you for accepting me into this incredibly generous and supportive community, and supporting me along the way. 

Stay safe, and stay informed. 

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