Motorcycle Insurance Tune-Up

By: Chris Genovese Time to make sure you’re ready to ride, with the coverages that will protect you in New York state! The riding season is just about to begin for most riders in Western New York, and it’s a great time to review your motorcycle insurance coverages to make sure you’ll be protected just in […]

Action Talks and Bullshit Walks

By: Steve Kantor Followers of this space know that The Kantor Law Firm has been reporting on the status of the Creto-Kade legislation and the SLEEP Act.  Creto-Kade is legislation that would penalize inattentive drivers who turn left in front of motorcycles and other vehicles. This is a significant cause of motorcycle collisions and passing this […]

Prior Written Notice Statutes

By: Christina Gulllo I am going to ask you to picture a scenario that is unfortunately happening all too often.  It’s a beautiful day, so you decide to take your bike out for a cruise, with no particular destination in mind. As you’re out riding, you find yourself in areas you’ve never been before – which […]